BT Dubowik – Editor

BT, is a writer, scholar, and professional geek. Living dangerously, he makes his home just yards from the San Andres Fault. BT prefers the longer forms of storytelling, having one novel in the can, four in various states, and with NaNoWriMo coming up who knows. As a distraction, because we all need one from time-to-time, he dabbles in shorter fiction. You may find some of it here. 


MK Knight – Editor



Image of Max DeVoe, editor for, hiking about the desert southwest.

Max DeVoe – Editor   

Max is a writer and artist living in Southern California. His novel, Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow, was published in 2014. He has over a dozen stories floating around in journals and anthologies. He likes writing that you fall in love with, then punches you in the stomach, then breaks your heart–in the most elegant way.


Nico Deitchman – Editor



ST Vessels – Editor